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Even if your parents don’t know much about the Internet, tell them what types of web sites you go to.

They will probably be interested and impressed with your Internet skills.

If you do, you need to be wary of things that lurk on the dark side of the Internet.

Not only are there viruses, hackers and spammers -- online predators and a bunch of evildoers are out there just waiting to pounce on teens in the digital world.

(Again, would you give this information to some older stranger at the mall?

Probably not.) What about Nude Photos and Sex Sites?

So why would you tell Cool Guy985 or Hot Chick16 from the chat room? Sure, it might seem funny to the “former” friend, but it’s serious and it happens everyday.

Once you send something out on the Internet, it's almost impossible to take it back.

You have to be careful -- not impulsive -- when you write email or go to chat rooms.

Here’s the general rule: Don’t give out any information that a predator could possibly use to find you.

The Federal Trade Commission says that even “small clues” like what school you attend or the name of your athletic team is enough for a predator to figure out your identity.

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  1. Everyone who joins has to pay to gain access - a great filter for 'professionals' or lookie-loos - and their set-up is pretty swanky. The majority of the site's users are North American; folks living in Asian or Europe might struggle to find anyone.: Show something provocative in your profile, minus any nudity. Take a peek at your competition, and make sure that you're avoiding all the dating cliches.