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Sometimes, the expression “once a cheater always a cheater” is not fitting. One “red flag” to watch out for is if the person you are dating is very flirtatious around other males or females, whether it is around you or not.Also, if you know that the person you are dating has been a serial cheater in the past, it is important to know what you are dealing with.I am not saying that they will do that to you- but there is always a chance if they have that behavior in them.It is important to not completely have 100% trust in the person- they may wind up disappointing you.

That is not healthy and it can indicate a problem- whether it be an addiction, depression, or a number of things.Of course, if someone is very into you, they are not going to treat you rudely at all- they are trying to impress you.But if they treat others badly, that is a sure sign that as they get more comfortable they will do the same.Controlling behaviors can mean a number of things, and it can also start out in extremely subtle ways, the person you are with may not even realize that they are controlling.When the person you are dating starts trying to tell you what to do a little too much, and it starts to wear at your confidence or how you feel about yourself that is a problem.

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