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Substance use in teens and young adults can become part of a pattern of unsafe behaviors, including unsafe sex and driving under the influence.

Due to availability, teens and young adults may be more likely to abuse dangerous “club drugs” which, as part of the general picture of alcohol and drugs being abused by this demographic, can lead to serious problems including: Club drugs are prevalent in many venues where young people prefer to spend their time, such as parties, concerts, or raves.

These symptoms include: Scaling back on drug use behavior is, for many addicted individuals, extremely difficult.

Rohypnol A second central nervous system depressant popular among young people is a benzodiazepine called Rohypnol.

Moderate use generally produces hallucinations and a dreamy euphoria.

Higher doses may cause the individual to suffer from amnesia or become delirious.

GABA works by regulating consciousness, activity, and sleep, as well as improving mood and promoting a feeling of relaxation.

When GHB is taken, it can create feelings of euphoria, drowsiness, reduced anxiety, confusion, and memory impairment.

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