Adult cam to cam top 50 chat lists

So we created this cam website as a way to help folks navigate the world of live cam performances.

Adult cam sites are a multi-million dollar industry within the broader spectrum of sex performances.

Then they have a private chat room where you can see the girls naked.

They will not disrobe until you’re in that chatroom, but at least at this point you know you’re dealing with a live feed and not a pre-recorded performance.

An important part of gauging the legitimacy of the site, is being able to interact with the girls before paying.

One thing legit cam sites do is let you talk to them beforehand.

We wanted to know if the girls on the other side of the screen were actually performing for us, and if the video feed was real.It’s not fair to the performers, and it’s not fair to the guys who enjoy the performers.Across the world wide web, there are somewhere in the range of about 5000 adult cam sites.Some sites try to trick you with pre-recorded performances because once they got your money, there’s no real need to keep up the facade.Another key ingredient to ranking the sites was the quality of webcam they were using.

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These aren’t your average at-home cam models, these are pro girls who’ve been in the business for a while and know exactly how to please their viewers.

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