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When it comes to having children, he brushes it off, constantly saying, “We’ll try eventually, we’ll get there…” But I’m almost 38 and the clock is ticking louder than ever.

I’m so worried and I don’t know what to do; it’s tearing me apart.

This is nothing I had ever expected in my life, but we couldn’t be happier (and I know how much we all love birth control on DW – I have an IUD and we’ve discussed what would happen with an unexpected pregnancy if that failed). The children love him; they’d known him almost their whole lives as a family friend and now they’re happy to have him around all the time.

He’s glad to be co-parenting the kids and loves them dearly.

If you have a relationship/dating question I can help answer, you can send me your letters at The kids and Drew and I are upstate with some friends enjoying one last hurrah of summer before school starts up again next week.

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But for now, we’re soaking up the final moments of summer, and I hope you are, too. We communicated almost every day before he moved and have now been on two dates. This typically would be a totally normal thing except for the fact that until that moment I was a virgin.

I am much later in life with this and I would say it is a combination of being overweight (I recently lost quite a bit of weight) and very shy for most of my 20s that led to that situation.

For so long I’ve been fantasizing about all the things I’m going to get done with this huge increase in time to myself, I just can’t wait. We matched a couple of months before he moved to my city.Should I take his distance as a sign to move on and just never talk to him again, should I call him out for for being more distant, or should I apologize for not telling him about the v-card before our night together?— Recent Virgin This week in the forums we’re discussing: He texted: “What do you want from me??For context: My husband and I are in our early 30s, together for thirteen years and married for eight, and we have two wonderful children under the age of five.Our marriage is strong – we communicate regularly and openly, support each other through struggles, and never lose sight of making each other laugh.

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