Albanian men dating english women

Similarly, raki, an alcoholic drink made from grape, plum or mulberry, is a source of great pride.There is good access to international news and regional events from within Albania. However, many have been affected directly or indirectly by regional conflicts over the past several years.Any attempt to speak Albanian is greatly appreciated.

Public displays of affection are rare, though younger generations are the ones most likely to challenge the norm.Personal space is generally the same as in Canadian society.Some Albanian characteristics and mannerisms resemble those of the mainland Greeks, most notably in rural areas; for instance, a nod of the head means ‘no’ and shaking one’s head means ‘yes’.There is often a defining characteristic that a town will take great pride in, whether it is a local food, tradition of fine craftsmanship or the beauty of its inhabitants.Albanians also enjoy talking about the different parts of the country and sites to visit.

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You would be praised for showing the proper respect to the elderly people, women, children and men. Family, work and where someone is from are good topics of conversation.

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