Are rashida jones and seth meyers dating

They have been dating since 2016 and they seem really comfortable with each other.

It’s been over a year that they have been dating but they are rarely seen together in public.

Jones has previously been romantically linked to Tobey Maguire and Mark Ronson.

Rashida has also starred in movies like ‘The Social Network’ and ‘Friends with Benefits’.

It’s true that she hasn’t been married yet but at the same time, she has dated over a dozen guys in her life. The first guy Rashida dated was an American Actor Jeremy Renner.

They dated for a couple of months way back before the year 1997.

Quick Info: A question might arouse in your mind, who are Rashida Jones Ex-boyfriend, what are their names?Rashida Jones and Seth Meyers, Source: WDW In 2005, she dated another screen matchup John Krasinski for a year and got separated on 2006.However, not everyone she dated was an American actor.She dated a British actor in the year 2006, Charlie Hunnam. Rashida Jones and Charlie Hunnam, Source: WDW After she broke up with this British guy, she stayed single for three whole years. Then in 2009, she finally moved on and started dating a Speechwriter, Jon Favreau. After about a year that she broke up with the writer, in 2011, she dated another American actor Garrett Hedlund.Rashida Jones and Garrett Headlund, Source: WDW The last guy Rashida dated before she met her current boyfriend Ezra was, another American writer, Colin Jost.

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