Backdating child tax credit

And it is encouraging that they are looking at ways to ensure people do not miss out on state pension.

"All of this would improve things for the future but for those who have already missed out, relaxing the three-month backdating limit is essential."Sir Webb’s petition entitled ‘Make sure mother’s get National Insurance credits towards their state pension’ was launched last year and has already attracted 13,000 signatures.

If getting Carer's Allowance means you can get a means-tested benefit because you qualify for carer premium The assessment process is straightforward as there are only a few rules you need to meet.

This could be: If you were entitled to Carer’s Allowance before the date you claimed it, you can ask for it to be backdated for up to three months.If someone else gets Carer’s Allowance to look after the same person you care for, you can't also get it.You and the other carer need to decide who should claim.Or the Disability and Carers Service on 08 (textphone 08) if you live in Northern Ireland.The claim form has to be signed by the person you’re caring for.

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If you have a partner who works, their earnings don’t affect your basic benefit.

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