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Williams was born on September 30, 1954 in Santa Monica, California. As a young child, he constantly asked Graves for show biz advice.At age 11 Williams changed his name from Barry William Blenkhorn to Barry Williams and hired an acting coach.He actually looks like he is far older than Florence Henderson, the 74-year-old actress who played his mother!Williams seems to be desperate for cash and attention and will do practically anything to try to get his name back in the spotlight.Williams also claimed to have been a heavy drug user and was supposedly high on pot during the filming of several episodes of the Brady Bunch.

(His romantic exploits appear to have been limited to women - I was unable to find any evidence that Williams ever tried to get with the openly gay Robert Reed, who played his father on the show and actually died from complications due to AIDS in 1992).He also took acting classes to learn film and television techniques.Williams quickly landed a lead role in an educational school film entitled " was a family sitcom about a blended family - a man ("Mike Brady" - played by Robert Reed) with three boys married a woman ("Carol Brady" - played by Florence Henderson) with three girls.After marriage, they moved in together as a big, happy family.Greg Brady was the oldest male child on was a popular show during its original run and remained popular in syndication for many years after the show's cancellation.

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