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Sofia was the first Bulgarian city to host a Pride festival.In 2008, the inaugural parade drew only 150 participants.Once seen as a social perversion, legislation to protect the LGBTQ community against discrimination has now largely fallen into line with the rest of Europe.However, laws regarding buying and selling sex are still quite grey (see Prostitution Laws in Bulgaria, below).The popular cam sex site, Bonga Cams, is the 9As there are no Bulgarian adult studios, the only Bulgarian porn you are likely to be able to find is amateur porn uploaded to the tube sites.

Since then, the event has grown in size and has attracted the support of political parties including the Bulgarian Socialist Party, DSB, the Greens and the Bulgarian Left.It is estimated that there are around 20,000 prostitutes working in Bulgaria.The sex industry in Bulgaria is thought to be worth in the region of €1.1 billion annually which is more than Cambodia, Italy and Australia put together.Though same-sex relations have been legal in Bulgaria since 1968, there is still some discrimination faced by the LGBTQ community.Firstly, there is no legal recognition for same-sex couples and there has been a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage since 1991.

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