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With Hardwicke set to helm, the producers are moving in crisp fashion to put the film together.Hardwicke was represented on the deal by CAA, manager Dan Halsted, and the law firm of SOWD, LLP. EVP of Business Affairs, handled the deal on behalf of Constantin.comics depict risqué sequences (among them Aydis’ abduction by the Norse love goddess Freya) and a vivid gallery of female characters pulled from myth and antiquity but presented with a feminist revamp and a rollicking spirit.Lady pirates, vicious mermaids, and a cursed Valkyrie all cross paths with Aydis as she finds adventure and purpose with sword in hand. Constantin Film’s Martin Moszkowicz will executive produce with Vault CEO, Damian Wassel, and Hardwicke.

Studying Architecture, Hardwicke felt that she had far too much creativity for that field, stating: Feeling limited, Hardwicke moved to Los Angeles, where she studied at UCLA film school to explore her creative talents.

Created, written, and drawn by Alterici, the comics debuted in 2017 with the help of an impassioned Kickstarter investor community.

The comics introduce Aydis, who is born into a time marked by war, strife, and the pervasive subjugation of women, and eventually takes on a mission to topple the ultimate patriarch, Odin, the god-king of Asgard and all-seeing father to a thunder-god named Thor.

[on gender inequality in Hollywood] When I had some tears on Twilight (2000), during a storm and we couldn't film, I went behind a tree in the forest, I cried for like 30 seconds and I came back and finished the day.

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