Changesets and updating work

Instead, put the text of the stored procedure in a change Set with a run On Change=”true” attribute.

Since 1.7 When Liquibase reaches a change Set, it computes a check sum and stores it in the “databasechangelog”.

Check sums are also used in conjunction with the “run On Change” change Set attribute.

There are times you may not want to add a new change Set because you only need to know about the current version, but you want this change applied whenever it is updated.

The following outlines the process of committing a new changeset to a repository, which is a two-stage process.

The first stage walks from top to bottom, from the changelog, to the manifest, to the files.

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The value of storing the check sum is so that Liquibase can know if someone changed the changes in the change Set since it was run.

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