You will need to demonstrate a long history with the site, the kind of values that a mod needs to display and the ability to maintain your cool when under pressure.

The actual application process is very straightforward.

You’re going to get called all sorts of names and hear all sorts of threats.

You will need the ability to ignore all of that and not let it affect your work. The ability to take your ego out of the conversation and handle any given situation professionally makes for superior moderators. They see a situation, step in, deal with it and move on.

Others want to clean up a toxic hangout to make it better for everyone.

The same as above, you’re going to be baited and trolled and you have to handle it dispassionately. Trolling is a huge problem and as an authority figure on a forum or website, you’re a prime target.Even though the page is eight years old, it is still live and still maintained as it was last edited in May 2019.It’s useful to provide a sentence or two about who you are, how long you have used Chat Avenue, whether you have mod experience and why you want to become a mod.Chat Avenue is pretty much the ultimate creeper-hub. If you've ever watched To Catch A Predator, you know what I'm talking about.

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  1. I have an Air Bn B booked in SF for Thursday, but now I’ll need to decide on a city outside of San Fran to stay in for a few days until then. Was wondering if anyone knew of anyone or place that is bit more affordable so I can get sessions few times a week instead?