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And if you’re gonna come in here you’re gonna come in here dressed like a man … In that clarification he makes the following facts known.The young man in question was a member of his church. The Pastor also makes clear the when coming to join the church as a member the young man told the Pastor he wanted to learn how to be a man.See these links below: What is the distinction between the Moral, Ceremonial and Civil laws of the Old Testament?What are the Moral Laws of God in the Old Testament?This time after several quiet and private admonishments, the Pastor felt that he needed to take a public stand against what this young man was doing as he was challenging the Pastor’s position on men wearing women’s clothing.You can watch Pastor Rocquemore’s full video reply here.This is an argument that comes from a complete and utter ignorance of the Scriptures.

Whatever you do on the outside is your business, but I will not let drag queens come in here. After many false accusations against him regarding his public rebuke of the young man dressed in drag, Pastor Rocquemore, posted a video reply to all his critics clarifying why did he what he did and reemphasizing that he had no regrets about doing it.The first goal is to say A second goal in this attack is to discredit the Bible as a source of moral truth on the basis that it allows for things that our society considers to be immoral like slavery (Leviticus -46) or forcing a woman to marry her rapist (Deuteronomy –29).I have written several articles and even done a You Tube video refuting these false arguments which attempts to either dismiss all Old Testament laws or even the entire Bible on these grounds.This Pastor even tried to love on this young man and gave him some of his own money.The young man showed up in women’s attire a few times after joining and the Pastor quietly pulled him aside and told him he needed to stop doing this.

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