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Assuming that's accurate, my suspicion is that he's not running Logic 8, either.According to Apple, Logic Pro 8 requires Mac OS X v10.4.9 or later.If you want to have your tracks & stems reproduce the mix you're hearing at your studio, there's no need to go to the extra effort of using Bounce instead of Export.You only need to enable (in the Export dialog) the checkbox "Include Volume/Pan Automation." This is explained on p. When you do this, any panning or automation will indeed be rendered.A project folder can be copied or moved to another location by using any of the standard operating system methods.This is great for the archiving and transport of projects to other studios or facilities.This course, by SFLogic Ninja David Earl, shows you how to bounce, master, create stems, share and archive your precious work in Apple’s Logic Pro X making sure that everything sounds its best right now and is compatible for anything that the unpredictable future may bring!

Message was edited by: i Schwartz The files are different lengths because each instrument does not stop playing at the same moment.

As the song is 3 minutes and 20 seconds I would like every single track to be 3.22 sec long. In fact, each track is composed not only by played instruments but also by moments of silence. Alessandro The thing is that I have composed a song but the editor is far away from me and he has to mix all the tracks too.

If I give him the tracks with the same lenghts he will just need to sync the beggining of each audiofile to re-build the correct Garageband, for example. Additional suggestions and comments: • if you have several tracks that you want to bounce as a group (called a "stem"), solo them first, then bounce the track • exporting tracks means that any panning or automation will not be rendered.

It just isn't appended at the end because that would be pointless.

Consider this project, consisting of four tracks: When I use the command File All Tracks as Audio Files, Logic will produce four files that look like this: The files are not equal in length, which is perfectly fine.

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