Cousin dating my ex Live video chat from stranger from america

Is there a chance that he's jealous of you or still has feelings for her?

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It is legal to marry your second cousin in all US jurisdictions, and therefore to have a child with your second cousin.

Whether it is OK to do that depends on how you and the rest of your family, your local community, and your religious community feel about such things. You can also date your 2nd, and 3rd cousin :) It can be weird to other people but you can and I don't think it's strange I hope I helped you with this question :) Yours Truly, LINDSEY :) xoxo Absent any other twists...

Ultimately, we don't care since we are confident in our relationship and ourselves, but we don't want people to have the wrong idea/information.

How can I handle this type of situation but also avert any confrontation and conflict?

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