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There was no concern for my mental health, or how I was digesting this news that so many find devastating.And, as the provider hurriedly left the exam room, I was left to navigate this new and unexpected reality alone.Despite all of my knowledge, I was not immune to the societal messages of shame.

I used that to take back the power in this situation.I soothed the worries of distraught parents asking if their newly diagnosed teenage daughter’s clothes could be washed with everyone else’s or if they could still babysit their younger cousin.By the time I was diagnosed with Herpes Simplex Virus 2 (HSV-2) in 2015, I was well-versed in the stigma surrounding HIV and STDs.At the time of my diagnosis, my doctor did not take a sexual history, and we did not discuss how I might have acquired the virus or how I could prevent transmitting it to any future partners.There was no counseling on how to disclose my diagnosis or advice on dating after herpes.

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Yet another completely cut all ties with me, our friendship instantly evaporating upon disclosure.

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