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I’ve had several relationships that all started out well but ended in my partners leaving me.I’m terribly insecure and have difficulty believing that love exists. I’m reasonably attractive and very kind, but people take advantage of me on a regular basis because it’s hard for me to say no.

I don’t believe in God anymore, and I’m a little cynical about whether anyone out there who will ever love me for who I am.I like to be around people, so I would hope he’d have long-term friends who would want him to be in a relationship with a good person.We would share everything and be a team, especially when either one of us need support.The way most people deal with these understandable conundrums is to rely on the media to tell them how they should best present themselves online.That approach too often results in an artificially scripted profile that doesn’t accurately represent the true core of a person. Better to be safe than sorry, better to not say things that could be misconstrued, better to risk rejection of parts of the presenter that he or she can afford to lose.

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