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Visual data is processed by a small patient-worn mounted video processing unit (VPU) which then transmits information to a tiny retinal mounted antenna via wifi.The signals are then sent to the electrode array, which emits small pulses of electricity to the eyes optic nerve.Although it can't fully replicate human vision just yet the patients can learn to interpret the patterns of light received.

Surgical intervention for a patient over 65 with co-morbidities for any reason is dangerous.When one disease process has advanced to the point of requiring an amputation, the other existing systemic diseases increase the overall risk of complication and death of the geriatric patient after surgery.Risk factors must be taken into account when treating a geriatric patient immediately post-operatively.The treatment goals, guidelines, and interventions are the same for the Geriatric Amputee as the are for a younger amputee;however, there are some salient difference that should be considered for this patient population.Special Considerations for the Geriatric Amputee: .

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