Dating beneath you

The dude loved me at 270 lbs, so he sure as hell deserves me at 140.I love him more than a fat kid loves cake, and I'd know, I've done the research.She was drunk at a party and some frat boy says "i'll take you home, we just have to stop at my dorm first." They had consensual sex, which I'm sure both were way too drunk to consent to, but whatever she said he didn't do anything to force her and she was a willing participant.We weren't exclusive at the time and it was a big factor in us continuing not to be. Generally not obvious at first but as their personalities start to show and you get to know them more, you realise they're nothing but a pretty face or hot body. He offered to take her for some fast food (or something quick).

I always try to date someone who interests me in some way.below their leagues, both intellectually and physically.It's a super douchey question to ask someone in real life so here I am at /r/Ask Men: do you ever feel like you could do better and if you do, why don't you?I'm a chick, but you guys get the best questions sometimes..I think looks-wise I'm out of my boyfriends league.

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