Dating celestion g12 65

Lynchback and V30 were top of the list, this may get a consideration. Spec wise seems very close to the G12-65 Heritage except for a little more low frequency response in the Heritage.

Also the Heritage is quite a bit heavier (weight) despite both speakers having 35oz magnets.

Skoora, my days of having 412 cabs are over...I still want a greenbacks cabinet. I have talked to some insiders and these Creambacks are the real deal. Does anyone know what the price point will be on these?About time they get into the high powered greenback game.I have a weber legacy scummie clone (for lack of better word) on order and have been thinking of a partner to fill out the highs.I don't think they're supposed to be available till May or June.Not sure what they based the Creamback speaker on for a tonal reference, but I'm pretty sure it's NOT supposed to be an M75 pre rola type tone.

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