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Sightseers admire murals painted by a local artist inside Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, and relax in Derek Walcott Square, named for the St. Atop Morne Fortune (Hill of Good Luck) - where the French and English battled over control of the island - visitors take in panoramic vistas.

Shoppers flock to the city's dozens of stores and to Castries Market for fruits, vegetables and handicrafts.

I think my appreciation of poems increases when I explain them to other people, so this is a great opportunity for me to get to know a poem I don't know very well!

I really wanted to do i sing of olaf glad and big, but ultimately decided against it since I love it so much and its my favorite poem.

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I thought long and hard about what poem to do and eventually decided on 9.

The tension in this pattern operates like this: the higher intensity 'tocs' take energy from the vacumme provide by the lower intensitity 'tics'. cummings uses those implied stresses here in the poem.

I'll paste the first stanza here again for convenience: The best example of this is right in the middle of the stanza, when we read, "../ tictic instance..." The lighter stresses we associate with the 'tic' sound lead us to say 'tictic' at a higher tone, resulting in a simulatanious expression of the absense of energy and an invitation for more, an invitation that descends on the next possible word which in this case is 'instance'.

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