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I guess I'm progressing pretty quickly through it, I've already started tackling these two songs: The latter I'm working on as a transitory piece to Rachmaninoff's Prelude in C# Minor, since my teacher said the pieces were fairly similar in that they're pretty chord heavy, and not really all flowy and melodic like the song in the first video (Yes I'm sure there are pieces that are more similar, but she was just looking at the pieces I brought with me) and is easy enough for me to get to work on while still being a bit of a challenge. I mean I practice 45 minutes every day for 5 days a week, and music lessons are only twice a month for 30 minutes each so I kind of have to; but my music teacher does an awesome job at helping me with my technique, giving me tips and song recommendations, and keeping me on the right path as well as integrating what I learn in her classes with what I learn in my bass guitar lessons (which I take on the weeks in-between piano lessons) Sometimes I manage to surprise her in the ways I play the music, and she'll occasionally say things like "Jeez, I need to start thinking about my pieces like that more often" x D So I guess you'd say I'm an above-average musician, I tend to accelerate pretty quickly at the beginning.

Right now my main problems are getting the melody to show (I'm a lefty so the harmony is always overpowering since that's my stronger hand, and sometimes the lower notes in a chord will drown out the top note, which is sometimes supposed to be the melody).

Of course it'd be a side-gig, something I'd do in my free time (which as a pilot, I'll have a decent amount of).

I'm not saying I want to be playing at Carnegie every week, but maybe as good as Kyle Landry, with a decent-sized fan-base, tours every now and then, maybe even accompany an orchestra or two.

Yet so many concert pianists come from these schools so is it really that critical to being successful?

I really love piano and would love to share the emotions that I can put through the keys to the world, but I'd appreciate it if you guys could just tell me straight up if that's possible or even likely.

And if everyone should have listened to this "nobody has done that before" argument, we would all still be sitting in the trees with the other apes and eat leafs and sprouts.

I also don't have any formal training in music besides local music teachers.I've got mainly a jazz/blues/funk background and am definitely an emotional player (as in, I think of music more in terms of how it feels and flows, and the moods/vibes/colors it gives off, and less in theory terms, though I do know more than my fair share of theory).My first instrument was piano, but I stopped playing that when I was 12 and have just started playing again about a month ago.In two handed scales you can vary the sound between both hands and in the Bach you need to.But even in popular pieces and I also find in the new age genre of music there are many written where left and right hands share melody.

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