Dating dinosaur fossils

If your children are fans of dinosaurs this Dinosaur Discovery kit from Green Kids Crafts is a great way to encourage the topic with 5 projects for science and arts and crafts it is a hit in our house.

In other words, he assumes the Arrhenius equation will fail to properly convert the high temperature measurements to appropriate rates for lower temperatures.11 However, this 1972 study actually provides little experimental basis for Rana’s conclusions.

He concludes that this difference will introduce errors into the mathematical conversion.

This will result in predictions that collagen will degrade faster than it actually degrades in a buried fossil.6 Conversions using the Arrhenius equation are common practice in biochemical studies.

Throughout this activity I have added further activity suggestions you can find here on Rainy Day Mum however, we are limited as there are only so many hours in the day so these resources from supplies we use and recommend can be used to extend this even further.

There is nothing better than getting hands-on holding real fossils in your hands and although the local natural history museum is a good place to start it’s possible to purchase a fossil set that gives information about the fossils and real samples of them.

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