Dating expert body language

When men are trying to be sweet, they will treat you really well.They will try to make you feel special by complementing your natural beauty.You may not have noticed these subtle cues, but after you read them, they may stand out more.Communication in relationships is much more than words and we can use our intuition to read them.Either that or he is going to ask you if he can borrow some money.

Keep being the fierce woman that you are because he digs it.

It has been said that a kiss on the forehead means just one thing; that he wants to keep you forever.

It’s an endearing gesture that is respectful, and when he has reached this level of sweetness, you have won his heart.

If you’re not an official couple yet, it shows he’s definitely flirting with the idea.

When your man begins to think of the two of you as a unit instead of separate beings, he will make gestures that show that bond.

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