Dating hes shy

This back-and-forth conversation is an important thing to look out for when sussing out a guy's interest in you.

It's fine to give the shy guy some time to pluck up the courage to show you he's interested, but if it doesn't happen for a long time, there's probably another reason for it than his shyness.

You might think your crush is just really shy because he still hasn't asked you out on a date in, like, weeks.

But are you sure he's not trying to tell you that he doesn't see you in a romantic way?

For example, if a guy doesn't talk to you when you're around, leaving you to initiate conversation, you might think that it's just because he's an introverted guy.As You see him laughing and joking with other women, and maybe even being confident enough to hug them.He certainly looks comfortable around them, so why does he look rigid and weird around you?Maybe he's not as interested as his friends claim or his feelings have changed.If a guy likes you, nothing will stand in the way of him making you his!

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