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Sit down for a while in a quiet corner of the park, and see if you can survive a few hours.Then you’d know how it feels to be a woman who gets stared at all the time.If you think they asked for it just because they wore something revealing, try this.Walk into some part of your town or a park that is filled with homosexual men, wearing a short tight pair of silk boxers.

They don’t loll their tongues or undress men mentally when they look.

That’s the best thing to do, because you get a little sneak peek and she gets to talk to you without feeling uncomfortable.

You may think you got away with staring in the middle of a conversation, but remember, a woman is extremely conscious of her body, and trust me, if you look down, she’ll know!

Rule #3 WEAR SUNGLASSES WHILE STARING Wear sunglasses, especially the darker ones. If you want to have a good time trying to stare at a girl’s breasts, then use your shades. Rule #4 DON’T EVER OVERDO IT Son of a guns who stare at a woman while feeling themselves up or staring like they want the woman right there can be really threatening and gross, especially on a lonely street. Rule #6 DON’T DIE A VIRGIN Have you ever had a friend who goes crazy when he walks into a club, and just can’t take his eyes off any girl out there?

If there is no reciprocation from the woman, stop trying to focus hard below the neck. He just wants to stare, fantasize, and ogle at all their assets until his tongue drools and drops off the side of his mouth.

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