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Mazlum Kobane, the SDF’s top commander, said last week IS is just days away from losing control of all its territory in Syria.

But the shift in resources may come at a cost for Iraq, which is struggling to regain its military footing even after declaring IS defeated in 2017.

The Pentagon budgeted 0 million to rebuild the country’s armed forces last spring.

But experts worry that without US boots on the ground in next-door Syria, Iraq could be forced to pick up the slack, taking on an expeditionary role fighting IS across the border.

When Al-Monitor reported the transfer of route clearance equipment to Syria in June, he said it would “assist the SDF in successfully retaking the last remaining [IS-held] territory in Syria.” “Ensuring that the SDF are sufficiently equipped has been critical to the SDF’s hard-fought campaign to liberate the Middle Euphrates River Valley from [IS] control,” he said last month.

31, 12 days after President Donald Trump announced his decision to withdraw US troops from Syria.Yasseen said Iraq will likely see an “internationalization of the Western military presence that’s there in support of Iraqi military capabilities.” That includes a new NATO training operation led by Canadian Gen. The US-led coalition fighting in Iraq told the Pentagon’s inspector general last month that training of Iraqi forces “is of a basic nature” and does not fit US definitions of counterinsurgency instruction.Though the president visited US troops at al-Asad air base in December, he did not meet with Iraqi officials.Some veterans allege that the smoke from the burn pits was toxic and made them sick.KBR — which ran many of the burn pits — claims that military commanders told them to operate the burn pits, and that burning the garbage was the most secure and least negative option for disposing of waste.

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