Dating in islamic culture

Feel free to share your own concern about living according to biblical standards in the face of pressure from the contemporary culture. Physical impurity prevents Muslims from carrying out their basic religious duties of prayer, fasting, reading the Qur’an.

Careful washing rituals are the means to restore purity.

Nor is he unclean from touching a dead body (according to Jewish rules of the time).

Rather, he heals a woman, gives life to a dead girl, and purity of heart to all of us.

Muslim women often carry much of the responsibility for family welfare—health of family members, harmony in relationships, and success of children.

These can be deep daily concerns for women, especially in countries without good health facilities or education, facing issues of drought or war.

A Middle Eastern secondary teacher urged me, “Tell women in the West that Muslim women are like them, in their family and community, their life and work.Women may be more anxious about these areas than about theological issues or questions.So they are very conscious of the many negative forces that can affect them and their families.In the west you see women sitting together in coffee shops, leaning forward, intently listening, talking about relationships, family, clothes and cooking.Muslim women talk about exactly the same things when they get together. I attended a mosque women’s program in the Middle East for a couple of years, and much of the content was similar to what I’d hear from women in many church discussions—bringing up children and taking time for prayer and reading (their) scriptures.

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Shehrezade was the intelligent and resourceful woman in “A Thousand And One Nights” who used stories to change the mind of the king, save her own life, thousands of other women.

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