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When lamenting the lack of females honored by this year’s major National Magazine Awards, we got into a conversation about the dearth of quality women’s (print) magazines out there. “It would be like if I was trying to study at a pet store surrounded by puppies.” You follow? has been honoring “women who write” with a “unique mix of debate and analysis, advice and inspiration; news, reviews, interviews; competitions, events, courses, grants.As a Professor of Magazineology, I thought it’d be worth everybody’s time to discuss which women’s magazines are actually worth your time! All served up with a challenging selection of new poetry and prose.” “The cultural road map for city girls everywhere.” [website] independently owned editor-in-chief: Amy M.cover star is a queer lady and more often than not, the cover is plastered with photos of people like you and me: like the adorable lesbians of the annual Captivating Couples feature and the yearly “Red Hot Entrepreneurs” making an impact in the lesbian community.It’s at once glossy and local, with heaps of travel stuff and a serious repository of event photographs.The almost-monthly magazine chooses its cover models/interviewees carefully, sticking to women who have something to say, like Beth Ditto, Mindy Kahling, Amy Poehler, Diablo Cody, Amy Sedaris, Eve and Portia De Rossi.The recent “Earth Issue” offered 51 Ways to Go Green Without Growing Broke, a feature on “how ladies are leading the eco-revolution” and “Urban Farming Made Easy.” Its “BUST DIY Guide to Life” and “BUST Guide to the New Girl Order” stand proudly on my bookshelf. — BUST consistently includes not-skinny models in its palatable fashion spreads.Also, it’s rad that they decided to expand their target audience to explicitly include trans youth as well.If you have a daughter over the age of 12, you should get her a subscription to this magazine ASAP, and maybe one for yourself too.

HOWEVER, if you ARE interested in female drummers then this magazine will make your life 100 times better than it already is.

) and hosts super-fun BUST Craftaculars (I went to one in Brooklyn, it was awesome).

BUST readers are smart, independent, pro-active women who like celebrities, makeup and clothing as well as political activism and books.

I felt that fashion magazines are about women looking at women, but there seems to be this imaginary man in the room. The photography is gorgeous, the design is engaging, the style is innovative and it lives up to its descriptor as “gentle, whimsical and ethereal in tone, mixing high fashion to fall in love with and interviews that feel like late night chats with people you wish you knew.” It’s sort of like We Heart It meets Sometimes you’ll find stretches of pages filled with original drawings and collages, sometimes you’ll find Carrie Brownstein interviewing Miranda July, and you’ll always find tons of wispy girls with dramatic faces wearing expensive clothing.

Definitely not for everybody, but its cost is somewhat justified by the fact that it’s basically an art/fashion book — one does not recycle is surprisingly non-terrible, despite the excessively airbrushed cover models, occasionally transparent product-pushing and traditional obsession with “slimming down,” getting “flat abs” and having better sex tonight.

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