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I have management bachelors degree and I am a good manager in work andi am kind and like to spend my time in travel... please dont send kiss becuse i cant answer only send massege and i can answer to massege... So classic face with long straight dark brown hair. and like classic style in I respect to anyone and I like to be respected. I love nature and natural beauty and like friendly and kind people. I have a lot of friends from many countries and I want to My name is Nadia Aryan.

I wanna find my second half and I share my moments with him in sadness and happiness. like body bilding People usually describe me as a kind person, loving babies, animals and charity.

Of course this behavior is going to require some support for it to be sustainable. And if they are high-maintenance, don't bother the rest of us about them. Persians in Australia , Germany or Canada or USA are not a good representation of Persian women.

I'm SO lucky my parents are both at the opposite end of the spectrum and instilled strong values in me, so obviously yes it's only a stereotype and there are plenty who don't fall into the category of high maintenance.

But even within my extended family, my parents' successes are somewhat ignored because no one drives a Benz or BMW (my dad did have a used Lexus for like ten years..nothing makes him happier than his mini-van don't even ask me why) and our house isn't mansion-sized (but easily the most warm, inviting home and where everyone likes to congregate).

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