Dating on cruise ships

To try and prevent against this, cruise line employees are discouraged from interacting with the passengers one on one.So don’t try to start something with your bartender, he may just lose his job! Unless you’ve cruised with us before, the thought of venturing on your first singles cruise can be downright intimidating.But here’s a few reasons why you should step out of your comfort zone and join us for a vacation like no other.As a result, many singles end up bunking with friends or relatives.

If they’re not in your department, you’re only going to be seeing each other about 12 hours a day.

It’s none of our business, but we don’t suggest making rash dating decisions.

Picture this: You meet your crush, hook up on the second night, and … Unfortunately, you’ll be spending the rest of the week on the same ship, potentially dodging awkward moments.

From the wildly popular Sixthman music festival cruises — offered in partnership with Norwegian Cruise Line — to more youth-focused sailings like Groove Cruise — in its 10th year — music cruises offer like-minded fellow travelers and a fun-loving atmosphere.

Other choices to consider: Celebrity Cruises’ inaugural Beer Festival at Sea sets sail from Los Angeles in April, Food Network star Guy Fieri hosts cruises with great success, and you can find fitness cruises focused on everything from yoga to boxing.

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