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The early Paleoproterozoic time interval (2.5-2.1 Ga) is marked by the most drastic changes in Earth surface environments: oxidation of the atmosphere and the upper part of the ocean, extensive glaciations, and dramatic perturbations in carbon and sulfur sedimentary cycles.

Our own and previous sedimentological observations [2] indicate facies ranging from subtidal, low-energy stromatolitic environments to overlying intertidal to supratidal evaporitic settings of lago...

The Paleoproterozoic Era witnessed crucial steps in the evolution of Earth's surface environments following the first appreciable rise of free atmospheric oxygen concentrations ∼2.3 to 2.1 Ga ago, and concomitant shallow ocean oxygenation.

In the northern part of this basin (Oriental Kasai Province), the Mbuji-Mayi Supergroup rests unconformably upon the Archean Dibaya Granite Complex, but in the southern part (northeastern Katanga Province), it overlies the Mesoproterozoic Kibaran Supergroup.

The Supergroup is divided into two groups: the lower, ∼ 500-m thick siliciclastics-rich BI Group and the upper, ∼ 1000-m thick carbonate-rich BII Group.

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While most sedimentary successions deposited during this time interval have experienced thermal overprinting from burial diagenesis and metamorphism, the ca.

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