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One hindrance to the effort to define domestic violence as a human rights violation was the traditional view that international law is applicable only to state action. Opendocument Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women, General Recommendation 19, ¶19, Violence against women (Eleventh session, 1992), U.

State action involves two types of acts: 1) actions done by government officials or 2) actions by private citizens that were explicitly condoned or ordered by the government.

She suggested Ortiz speak to the dean of students, who offered to set up an informal mediation between Ortiz and her ex.

Informal mediations are prohibited under federal gender equity law Title IX, as well as the University of Chicago’s own policies, even on a voluntary basis, "in matters involving allegations of sexual assault." But Ortiz didn't know that, and the dean who suggested the process didn’t tell her.

Some studies show that the oft-reported statistic that one in five women is sexually assaulted during college also applies to domestic violence, often called “dating violence” or “intimate partner violence.” Around 20% of college students report having experienced dating violence by a current partner, and college-aged women (16–24) experience the highest rate of dating violence than any other age group, according to the Justice Department.

Studies also show that dating violence disproportionately affects the long-term health of women of color.

He did not respond to a request for comment from Buzz Feed News.

Sexual assault and dating violence are not mutually exclusive.

Activists have long felt frustrated that physical, emotional and psychological abuse is seen as secondary to sexual assault, unless a student is seriously injured or killed.The two dated from fall 2011 into the following spring, when Ortiz told a friend that her boyfriend touched her and made her touch him when she didn’t want to. But it was also the only relationship Ortiz had ever known.It wasn’t until he broke up with her that summer that Ortiz confided in a mentor on campus.Private actors, it was thought, should be regulated only be domestic law, not by international law. This left a gap in the protection created by international human rights law, however, as many human rights violations occur at the hands of ordinary citizens, not just government officials.

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