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I had a lucrative career for 25 years before becoming disabled. Only in the US can a person be penalized for paying in to the system all their lives. I can be compassionate because I understand their pain. I also volunteer at two food pantrys and teach sunday school.

but we do have a chest freezer I’m sure I could make room for it in!! Isn’t it funny when people fixate on a minor detail of what you’ve written?

I’d like to hear more about how you’re using it on a regular basis for yourself, and how it works for you. I just discovered it today and look forward to reading more.

Putting aside how much I enjoyed this post, I have to ask for details on the “post-apocalyptic size ice pack.” How big is it?

Many antioxidants have immune system effects, and many substances that are antiinflamatory have a paradoxical reactions where they increase inflammation when an injury is present. Its sad when you get to the Mayo clinic level if a surgeon screws your life over other surgeons don’t have the ‘star power’ to testify or are in a small group of elite friends across hospitals.

I went into this surgery with a wonderful girlfriend and many dreams.

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