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All these factors influence how intimacy needs are met. Do women with Down syndrome have any special needs or concerns in regard to birth control? Approximately 50 percent of women with Down syndrome are fertile and may use any method of contraception without added medical risk.

The method chosen will depend on personal preference, ability to use the contraceptive effectively and possible side effects.

Some of their friends will go with dates and others won’t.

They will all be together having fun just like any group of friends.

This past summer she bought a present and card for her boyfriend. 4th but my girl likes to be prepared way ahead of time. Here she is with her t-shirt and a card for her boyfriend.

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I am not at expert on the subject but can tell you about April and her friends. April has just celebrated her 5th year anniversary with her boyfriend.

Use of condoms during sexual intercourse is the best known form of protection against AIDS, herpes and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Sexual education should include information on sexually transmitted diseases and how to prevent them. How can a person with Down syndrome be protected against sexual abuse? It is highly recommended that age-appropriate education in protective behaviors begin in childhood and be reinforced throughout the life of the person with Down syndrome.

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Most girls with Down syndrome have regular cycles with the same minor irregularities typical of their peer group. It is likely that additional cases will be recognized - especially as more men have the opportunity to live in the community and develop intimate relationships.

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