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The way they are dressed, physical objects they are carrying (such as a book), and the type of location where you meet may tell you about their background and interests.

You can read their body language and facial expressions to gauge their mood and how they feel about you.

Before starting any new diet and exercise program please check with your doctor and clear any exercise and diet changes with them before beginning.

I have been studying online dating for the past fifteen years, since 2003.

Presenting ones’ self and assessing others in online dating can be challenging.

When you meet someone face-to-face, you have many visual and social cues to provide clues about the person and their relationship to you.

My research interest grew out of my own personal experience meeting my husband on in 1998, back in the day when very few people had ever tried online matchmaking and a girl could post a profile with no photo and have over 100 replies waiting in her inbox the next morning. I used to spend weeks exchanging lengthy emails with potential dating partners before deciding to meet up face to face.

It was a huge time suck, but I learned a lot about myself and others, and about presenting oneself online, in the process.

I was a formerly overweight adolescent who parlayed my years of struggles and triumphs, & knowledge accrued from working in the “sick”care industry and as a medical & nutrition instructor, into becoming a dual-certified Holistic Health Consultant.But with online dating you start with a blank slate and no context.There are fewer cues to use to form impressions of others, and very few (if any) shared friends to ask about the person.Norms have shifted as people have become more comfortable meeting others online and prefer to meet up more quickly, without extensive screening as in the past.While the average user profile for traditional sites tended to be either single professionals who were too busy to meet people in their daily lives or divorced people in their 40s or 50s looking to get back into the dating scene, mobile apps have involved younger generations of users in their teens and early 20s.

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Honesty online can be complicated, though, as most users do admit to exaggerating or embellishing the truth — what has been known as “selective self-presentation”.

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