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So, #Get The Rope , and the #Spa-Yeti at hand, we are going on a little adventure of our own.

We are going to meet quite a few of the Women of Destination Truth, the woman that acted as Team Mom for Team Truth for the 5 years of scouring the globe for Monsters, mayhem, spirits and artifacts!

During that first season they traveled to Papua New Guinea in search of the Iguanadon, then they got wet while looking for a mermaid creature called the Ri in the waters off New Ireland.

They began their paranormal investigations in Thailand’s Khon Kean province chasing ghosts and then traversed to the Mekong River, near the Laos border in search of a serpent locals called the Naga.

They then returned to Papua New Guinea looking upward for a Pterodactyl creature called the Ro Open then to Chili following up reports of the Chupacabra.

We followed them to Malaysia to the Endau Rompin National Park in search of the elusive Bigfoot.

Season 5 also introduced us to Katy Murakami, Field investigator!

#Get The Rope Be sure and catch Erin Ryder’s latest venture on the National Geographic Channel, called Chasing UFO’s and any #Truthies out there be sure and tune in to see what was going on with our Ryder! Through freezing temperatures, snow drifts, radiation, and negotiating rivers in a box on a rope!

Season 5 took us once again around the globe with Ryder and the team to such places as Fiji to investigate the spirits of Cannibal Village, Kazakhstan in search of UFO’s, to Sweden searching for a lake monster!

Team Truth traveled to Guatemala looking into local reports of Restless Spirits at the Mayan ruins, they returned to the Haunted Forest in Belize, visited Echo Valley in the Philippines where mysterious voices were being reported near The Hanging Coffins!

As they lugged through the mud, traversed mountains and jumped gorges, we were right there with them!

Season 2 had 13 episodes in all, all of which took us all along as they investigated foreign locations and to places many of us had never heard of but would not soon forget!

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There were several episodes where Josh Gates would bring more than one of our favorite women along for the investigation!

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