Error updating the password file android samba fileshare

It appears once as SMB:/HTPC-Main/Media and once as C:\Media.If I remove the entry pointing to C:\Media, it just keeps coming back every time I restart XBMC. On your WINDOWS 7 machine's services (Where your shares are): Turn on 1.The following is a guide to quickly and easily turn SMB sharing on in Windows 7.As a initial step, you should be connected to your network.If you can see the internet, you should be connected enough to the router for our purposes. They will almost certainly not work if you selected Public.Also, when you are first connecting your Windows 7 computer to your network, it will ask if you are connecting to Home, Work, or a Public network. Also, sometimes you will be asked to be certain if you want to do something or you will be asked to go up a level in clearance to do something. : Locate and click "Choose homegroup and sharing options." You are now on the "Change Homegroup settings" window.Or you can choose to change Everyone to Read/Write, using the drop down arrow on the Everyone line.Then XBMC can export, but you have to deal with the danger that anyone on the network could change the files.

If you prefer to use Static IP, there should be no real problem.

Well I also had issues get my xbox to connect with my PC(Win7), but I never had an issue with being prompted with username/password, however during my search to fix my problem I saw many people were able to get past the user/pass problem by uninstalling a program called "Windows Live Assignment", some program from a recent update that messed with the sharing...

I think he meant the Windows Live Sign In Assistant, a last resort option if nothing has worked so far is to try Network Magic (made by former MS network engineers) its intended for beginners but it might solve whatever permissions problem is plaguing you.

However, MS is making it more and more difficult to share using SMB in Windows.

You have to turn off Homegroup and do all sorts of other messy things.

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Once you've made your decision, click "Share." I have no idea what all that stuff is.

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