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If they do not want that, there are many other media that can be used simply to meet people and discuss, such as Internet chat rooms, chat services such as messaging services and chat facility on Skype, and much, much more.I had a girlfriend who was kinda strong and bodybuilder type, so I think I am deserving to answer this question. I was very infatuated towards this girl, she was very pretty, good looking and had toned body as well.Though I had dated a few other girls in the past, it was never very pleasurable,long lasting and fun compared to the one that I had with her.But only interest that never matched between us was that she was a regular gym-goer and was damn oriented towards fitness whereas I had never stepped into a gym.I could see men giving extra respect to her just because of her body and strength.I have seen many of them just giving up the argument and in a way surrendering to her points and being afraid of her. She was very cute, beautiful,fair, charming and those muscles just added more to her beauty.

But I liked it very much when she used to get angry and furious as well.

Literally i even didn’t realize how strong she was until I got punched on my chest by her(though it was for fun).

She had even pressurized me to join the gym and put some meat but it didn’t work long as I was just too bored of its time consuming process.

I was fascinated by her abs, ass and her veins on forearms and neck.

I really enjoyed submitting to her, and i felt kinda protected around her .

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She was very friendly, intelligent and we used to laugh a lot.

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