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Should you opt to connect via USB, all you’ll need is the USB cable that came with your phone.

When you’re ready to proceed, click Start to begin streaming.

The mobile app will then send the image from your phone’s camera to your computer.

For devices with two cameras, tap the Settings button on the mobile app and check the appropriate box to switch to the camera you want to use.

Don’t have a webcam, but need to record a video for Facebook or You Tube?

You might have a case that lets you stand the phone. After downloading that app, unzip and run it, following any onscreen instructions.Zooming is limited, as are resolution, brightness, and various other controls found in the menu across the bottom of the Droid Cam desktop client.To activate these, you’ll need to upgrade to the paid version, titled Droid Cam X. However, although there is a configuration tool that you need to fill in, IP Webcam requires you to view the output through your web browser.To overcome this, you’ll need to find somewhere safe to stand your phone.This might be something simple, like a Popsocket to lean against, or even Lego bricks.

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