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uses a machine learning algorithm uses your existing engagement data to predict trends to optimize your email frequency for each customer.But you can build basic segments yourself in most marketing automation platforms.You’ll need to create lists based on how many emails it's been since each person last engaged. Once you have identified your most engaged, and least engaged audience members, you can build a strategy designed for each segment.

Marketing Sherpa found that while over 80% of consumers expect monthly emails, less than 20% want daily emails.This list of email marketing frequency best practices for 2018 contains the latest research on best practices, and was created to give you the tools to identify the perfect email cadence for your organization.Your email marketing frequency should be based on your typical customers purchase cycle and profile.For an ecommerce company, its likely some customers on your list purchased items as gifts.They may not be interested in your products outside of Christmas or a birthday each year.

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Worse yet, sensitive corporate spam filters may see the large volume of email coming from your server and start sending your email directly to spam.

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