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But WHY do you think no other Guru tells you how to do all of the above, and then tell you how to turn these “meetings” into girlfriends or wives, and then how to keep them forever? Because I use communication technologies NOT strategies.

2) Technologies not strategies – I close 80-90% of the women I meet in ANY situation – bars, clubs, internet dating, friends of friends, walking down the street, in the grocery store, etc. The other dating gurus give you more-or-less shot gun strategies that only work on 1 out of five, 1 out of ten, or 1 out of 100 women, or only work in certain situations (Like bars and clubs or the internet) or they only work with certain personality types (like bitches! Communication Technologies are what I use to develop and create strategies.

And, if you are missing the fundamentals (which are not taught by most parents, teachers, or even psychologists), relationships are difficult, they do require a lot of hard work . No more bickering, power struggles, defensiveness, or confusion about whether you’re with the right partner. During the Dating stage, you’ll learn how to: • Make sure you and your partner have great chemistry without risking jumping into bed too quickly.

BUT, romantic relationships can be easy if you learn the fundamentals for each stage of relating.

But I could tell, because I already knew how to meet women and I got their materials and read and listened to them. If you have a lot of money and want to maximize your learning, buy ALL of their books.

(You see, I am always trying to improve my abilities and learn new things.) I was ASTONISHED to learn that the so called GURUS’ statistics were not as good as mine. They are good guys and you can learn some real truth from each one of them.

Well I’ve been using the same techniques he does, probably before he was even born.

His techniques work – but only on a certain type of club woman. Because I cover ALL the personality types and I give you three radically different club techniques. is the internet Dating GURU, but when I compared my Internet statistics to his, I was getting twice as many responses and three times as many dates than he was.

Many of the things these other Dating Gurus teach you will get you a date, maybe even some sex, but they doom a real relationship from the very beginning.

During the Mating stage you will learn: • How to see each other for who you really are instead of trying to fix or control one another.

• To turn toward one another instead of away from each other — even in the hardest of times.

(And that is after my rejecting 85% of the women who wanted to meet me.) Moreover, YOU may not want the kind of woman who responds to “Cocky and Funny.” Or you may not want to meet women in Bars and Clubs. Women will never be able “bust” my basic technology because my basic technology is “good communication.” And women “love it” even if they do know what you are doing! you won’t learn random techniques that will help you meet women but won’t end up in a successful relationship.

Or you may not want to meet the kind of women who dates on the internet. So lines that use to work are now being busted on by women. Everything I show you will help you transist from meeting the women that you want in the situation that you want to relating to them successfully.

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The Dating stage is too early and the Mating stage may be too late.

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