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But in 2012 that's a fallacy, a fantasy, an outdated sales pitch.

Since the dawn of the information age, we've bought into the idea that a password, so long as it's elaborate enough, is an adequate means of protecting all this precious data.

This practice persisted even as the number of accounts—the number of failure points—grew exponentially. Imagine a miracle safe for your bedroom: It doesn't need a key or a password.

Web-based email was the gateway to a new slate of cloud apps. Hacker: The alternate email I used when I made the account? That's because security techs are in the room, watching it 24/7, and they unlock the safe whenever they see that it's you. Without privacy, we could have perfect security, but no one would accept a system like that.

Today, nothing you do, no precaution you take, no long or random string of characters can stop a truly dedicated and devious individual from cracking your account.

To limit the time any one user could spend on the system, CTSS used a login to ration access.

It only took until 1962 when a Ph D student named Allan Scherr, wanting more than his four-hour allotment, defeated the login with a simple hack: He located the file containing the passwords and printed out all of them. During the formative years of the web, as we all went online, passwords worked pretty well.

This was due largely to how little data they actually needed to protect.

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With yet 10 more, I could take over your AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon. The common weakness in these hacks is the password.

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