This tutorial teaches you how to navigate space, how to fight, and how to perform various other basic activities in EVE along with giving you some free items to boot. It's like all the other MMO's out there, it's basically an in game IRC.

You want to see more of what Blizzard has to offer, you want to exist in that world. You can own something, something with actual, albeit virtual, worth. And not only that, but you own a part of the game world that every other player in EVE can no longer own.I entered a question only to have the exact answer I needed within twenty seconds. Now i've heard, through the grapevine let's say, that joining a corporation reigns in the same benefits of having a veteran support group to call on as well as, you know, fiscal assets.For someone like me though, someone who maybe isn't ready to just toss my loyalty over to whoever is hiring, having this instant support hotline is fucking great.Because bodies are such a vital asset, corporations aren't going to let you go to waste. Let's take this into private chat and discuss your role on the front line.A lot of them will, upfront, say they will train you in your specific field of interest. Here, buy this ship from us at half the regular price and let use teach you how to get the most out of it. Now, once again, I'm speaking somewhat from ignorance here.

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