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During the show, On Joo-wan was asked, “Are you thinking of getting married later in life, or are you going to stay a bachelor?

” The actor answered, “I thought I would be married by the age of 32.

Even now, I really want to get married.” He is currently 37 years old (Korean age).

He continued, “When I was in high school, I saw my mother singing to my father and thought, ‘This is the kind of family life I want to have.’” The actor also shared that he wears his heart on his sleeve in romantic relationships.

Ha Ji Won once shared that they both enjoy art and photography, often sharing pretty photos they take with one another and talking about paintings.

These two “Produce 101” stars attended Chungdam middle school together and also trained at JYP Entertainment together.

Park Bo Gum even made an appearance at Kim Go Eun’s first fan meeting, surprising not only her fans but the actress too!was actually good for once, the winners moreso than the fashion which remains an uninspiring and safe sea of black and white gowns.It appears that BTS' member V is popular among all the ladies: including top Koran actress Ha Ji Won.“I don’t find saying ‘I love you’ to be awkward at all,” he said.“I think that not saying what you feel is like killing those words.

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