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Gordon Cooper, "the youngest of the seven who was selected to everyone’s surprise"; Patrick J. John Glenn, "a revered test pilot and committed family man with unwavering principles"; Aaron Staton plays Wally Schirra, "a competitive pilot with a gift for pulling pranks"; Michael Trotter plays Gus Grissom, "a no-nonsense test pilot who eventually becomes the second man in space"; Micah Stock plays Deke Slayton, "a taciturn but incredibly intelligent pilot and engineer"; and James Lafferty plays Scott Carpenter, "a soulful man who was dubbed 'The Poet' by the other astronauts." Production will kick off this fall in Cocoa Beach, Fla., for a 2020 global premiere on National Geographic.

Together the teens are forging through their final years of adolescence, having all kinds of (mis)adventures along the way.On April 25, 2005, a seven-track extended play was registered under Elizabeth Woolridge Grant with the United States Copyright Office.The application title was Rock Me Stable with another title Young Like Me also listed.She graduated from the latter with a degree in English.She is multilingual and is fluent in English, Scottish, German, and French.

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But one thing’s for sure: with so many principal actors finishing their scenes, the end truly is near.

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