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‘After all, I go to the gym, I eat well, I wear clothes that I think make me look good. If someone says that you look nice, take it, own it.

‘Having someone recognise all of this is nothing to feel ashamed or upset about. Which is totally fine for Miranda – if she genuinely feels happy when she’s complimented, that’s entirely her right.

But what’s even more shocking is that when we shared this story on Facebook, we got lots of comments on the same theme: this isn’t a big deal, and anyone complaining about it is overreacting to a bunch of compliments. ‘Vin Diesel might have gone a bit overboard and no doubt the situation was horrendously awkward for the reporter who was trying to do her job, but if I’d been in her seat I can’t honestly say that’d I wouldn’t have enjoyed it at all.

‘Whenever someone’s said something complimentary about my appearance, my gut feeling has been one of joy. ‘Let’s not over intellectualise something that should make us feel confident and proud of ourselves.

Every woman I know has experienced unsolicited comments and compliments about her appearance.

It happens when we pop to the shops and get catcalled.

A is for adhering to tradition Vienna native and blogger Barbara Cacao says that for Valentine’s Day “Austrian women expect flowers and chocolate at the very least. Most male other-halves need years of training to meet their wives' or partners' expectations..I think Austrian women are patient and persevere.” B is for Bubbles. So the onus might be on you to make the first move. Coffee just doesn’t cut it for a romantic date, especially on Valentine’s Day. Winters are cold in Austria, and women tend not to reveal too much flesh on a date.

Whatever everybody says, living in Austria has lots of advantages.Interrupting an interview to tell a woman she’s ‘so f***ing sexy’ is not acceptable behaviour.Putting a woman on the spot and instructing other men to look at her, as she sits, doing and saying nothing to suggest she’s consenting to what’s happening, is entirely unacceptable too. Many of our expat readers tell us it’s hard to get romantically involved with an Austrian - as they tend to be reserved and conservative.If you’re in Vienna, and looking for something a little different than your usual restaurant, Barbara Cacao recommends the privacy of Mezzanin 7. Austrians are generally fans of punctuality - or Pünktlichkeit. Think sexy but mysterious, and a little conservative. Once you have met an Austrian man, they tend to be chivalrous - taking your coat for you, and opening doors and so on. Katia Farias, a Brazilian journalist and blogger who lives in Vienna warns that it may take some perseverance to snag an Austrian man as they are hopeless at flirting and tend to give off an “I’m not interested” signal.

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