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A few fantasies began to present themselves, but I never expected it to go any further than fantasy.I especially never expected my little innocent Tabitha to do anything outside of our happy marriage.This is the place to discuss what poly means to you.

She claimed that he was pushy at first but admitted that it was completely consensual on her part. I also reasoned that we would be honest with each other if we had a swap together and that she would be doing it too and not just me getting her back for what she had done. I assured her that it would only be a couple with whom we all have chemistry for one another. I sent an email and explained that we thought we would like to try swinging.

They were polite and respectful, but they didn't hold back comments like, "She is so cute," or "She is so pretty," and "She is so sexy." Now and then the comments were a little more explicit like, "I bet she is a good time." I overheard the guys talking about Tabitha and being a little graphic but never was it too much. Tabitha is of course physically attractive, but her personality is equally attractive. The first time she received such open attention I was a little uncomfortable.

My thoughts were, "That's nice, but that's my wife you are talking about." I got used to it and soon I enjoyed the attention that she received. We enjoy each other and have a lot of fun together.

I never expected things to make some of the recent turns that we have experienced.

As Tabbi continued to receive sexual attention, it began to turn me on more and more.

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As it turned out it happened a few times since he spent the night with her. Tabbi was reluctant, but she did agree only if it was what I truly wanted. I also promised that we could take it slow and be sure everyone was comfortable. The answer can within minutes explaining that we had to apply. He went on to explain that most clubs will accept anyone who will have sex.

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