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“To eat biologically,” he wrote, “is simply to eat scientifically, to eat normally.” Like a paleo devotee, he promised a return to man’s “natural” diet. Kellogg believed that eating biologically would solve much more than dyspepsia and indigestion. Graham with his graham cracker, Kellogg believed Americans’ meat-centric diets led them to carnal sins. and dainty tidbits in endless variety,” wrote Kellogg, a vegetarian, “irritate [the] nerves and …react upon the sexual organs.”In his mind, masturbation was a shameful act linked to bad health, and over-stimulating diets, diseases, and sexual acts formed an insidious cycle.They thought that too much meat and too many spices had negative effects, and they preferred whole grains to white breads.A dietary reformer named Sylvester Graham invented the graham cracker in 1827.James Caleb Jackson, who did not allow red meat at his sanitarium, invented a cereal that he named “granula” in 1863. The original versions of these cereals were spartan affairs.

"How many mothers, while teaching their children the principles of virtue in the nursery,” he wrote, “unwittingly stimulate their passions at the dinner table until vice becomes a physical necessity!Many Native Americans, Abigail Carroll writes in Of medieval Europe, historians alternatingly write that breakfast was only a luxury for the rich, only a necessity for laborers, or mostly skipped.And while many American colonists ate breakfast, it was a reputedly harried affair that took place after hours of morning work.Before the invention of cereal, breakfast was not as standard or routine as it is now."The Romans believed it was healthier to eat only one meal a day," food historian Caroline Yeldham has said.

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" (He also recommended circumcision and tying children’s hands with rope to prevent masturbation and sexual urges.)Kellogg was a true believer.

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